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We welcome enquiries by email from artists who may be interested in exhibiting in our gallery.  Please send at least three examples of your work in jpeg format, and we will get back to you. Contact Us

Participating artists

Alexandra Buckle

Alexandra Buckle

Alexandra Buckle takes her inspiration from countryside walks. She enjoys capturing the light, shadow and colour of her favourite scenery as hand printed reduction linocuts. Her work is popular on the Artfinder and Print Solo websites, where she has sold nearly 300 works internationally in just over two years.
Alexandra has been a full-time professional printmaker since 2012, creating a studio at her home in Bicester to enable her to develop her skills to the highest standards and teach her regular private lino printing workshops to novices and professionals alike.
Alexandra is committed to promoting printmaking in all its forms, but especially keen to demonstrate that lino cutting, although perfect as a simple beginner’s medium, can also be complex and technically challenging.
Cathy Read

Cathy Read

Cathy Read’s paintings depict the geometric shapes and inherent patterns of architecture in a free, expressive style which relies heavily on the use of masking techniques. The inspiration for the paintings coming from time spent in London and other major cities, such as Manchester and Oxford.
Cathy has exhibited with the Society of Women Artists since 2013, becoming a member in 2015. She was awarded the Barbara Tate Memorial Award by the SWA for her Body of Work in 2015.
She has also exhibited with the Royal Watercolour Society and Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour.
Qualified as an Occupational Therapist, Cathy Read started her art career in 2008. A self taught artist, her earlier paintings were predominantly circle based abstracts. She developed her distinctive style around this time before venturing into urban landscapes. An interest fuelled by a lifelong fascination with buildings. This evolution was only natural following a childhood dominated by the giant mills of the Cotton industry in the North of England.


James Dougall is a multi-award winning silversmith whose innovative approach bridges the gap between C21st design sensibilities and the traditional craft techniques he uses to produce his work.
Unafraid to take risks, he seamlessly utilises other materials with silver to extra- ordinary effect; leather, wood, glass, fish skin, even brick and marble are employed to create a unique synthesis and design vocabulary.
Each piece is the cumulative outcome of a long process of engagement which the designer hopes will add to the rich canon that is the silversmith's art.



Kathryn specialises in screenprints and linoprints. She takes inspiration from
nature, British landscapes and her travels
to Western USA, China, Greece and elsewhere and likes to abstract shapes and colours to create her distinctive prints.

Kathryn taught for many years and during her teaching career discovered with her students the joys and unexpected and surprising results of the printing process.

Kirsteen Holuj

Kirsteen Holuj’s inspiration mainly comes from nature – plants, pods, seeds, rocks and landscapes. Regular visits to the Isle of Coll in the Inner Hebrides have also had an influence on her work; it is a unique place where all types of weather can happen in one day. Bad weather is dark and dramatic and yet when the sun eventually appears the light and colour can take one’s breath away. It is not always instant or obvious but all these elements direct her work somehow, with a texture, colour, form or glaze.
Much of her past work has been fired in an electric kiln, which is fine but it does not satisfy the pyromaniac in her, so she also makes work that she can Raku fire, the process is much more sensory, one can see the glazes melt, feel the heat of the fire, smell the smoke in the air. It is always unpredictable and becomes addictive. Last year she also completed the building of a soda kiln which has taken her work in a slightly different direction with a return to the love of throwing on the potter’s wheel and exploring what happens to her favourite textures with this dramatic way of glazing clay.


Paul carves mainly abstract, semi-abstract and occasionally figurative pieces in a range of stone types including limestone, sandstone, soapstone and alabaster. He enjoys the act of carving, the ring of the stone, the feel and even the distinctive smell of different types of stone. It is a totally engrossing activity - even meditative.

He loves stone and is endlessly fascinated by the challenge of carving it and revealing
the hidden qualities of this hard old material that was created millions of years ago and will long outlast us.



Richard started his artist career at Bradford College of Art, where he studied as an Interior Designer prior to starting work as such for Samuel Smiths Brewery in Tadcaster. He returned to university at Bretton Hall to retrain as a teacher. His first teaching job he was put in charge of a ceramics department and so started a lifetime love affair with the material. In 2003 he left full time teaching and returned to university to complete a degree in glass and ceramics at Buckinghamshire University.
Carol trained as a nurse after an education in England, USA and Germany. Her interest in clay started at an evening Access to Art and Design course and developed into a love of making - both on the wheel and hand building.
Carol and Richard began a working partnership around 2010. The resulting ceramic art is a fusion of both their skills, contributing to each others work and creating new work together. Their ceramics are as varied as the British climate - work being both sculptural and functional, life size to miniature, Raku to High fired porcelain.


Robin Souter is a general surgeon and was a consultant in Milton Keynes from before it opened in 1984 until he retired in 2016. He opened up the “green field site hospital” and had a long and interesting career specifically developing breast and vascular care for the local community. Since fully retiring from surgery an increasing amount of his time has been spent painting.
He is now a resident artist at the Westbury art centre in Milton Keynes and has previously held studio spaces with Art Central. Both of these groups are contributing in a major way to the development of the arts in the new town.
Robin has a particular interest in marine art and the power and beauty of the sea is a source of continuing inspiration.He has exhibited locally and sells works both in the UK and Internationally. He is an Executive member of the Buckinghamshire art society with a personal mission to extend the membership to the North of the County.