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                       Courses at Claydon Gallery

Linocut courses with Alexandra Buckle

Following our successful courses last year, we are delighted to be able to offer a series of linocut  courses with Alexandra Buckle for 2018.  Alexandra has exhibited widely,  both locally and nationally,  and is a regular exhibitor in Claydon Gallery. You will learn how to plan a design and transfer it to the lino; how to cut the lino; how to ink up the lino and how to print it by hand. This way you can easily replicate the process at home with minimal equipment. You will also learn how to correctly register your prints so that all the layers of colour lay directly on top of each other. She will introduce you to reduction linocut method which is a multi-colour relief printing technique which involves cutting and printing several layers of colours from the same block of line to build up an image. 

 'Thank you, Alex, for an inspirational workshop.  You were very encouraging and patient!'  - Mike

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Dates of Courses
Jul 26th     11am - 5pm  (fully booked)
Sep 13th   11am - 5pm
Oct 25th   10am  - 4pm (Please note earlier time)
Nov 22nd  10am - 4pm       "         "         "
Dec 6th     10am - 4pm       "         "         "

Cost of course 80
Please contact the gallery for further details.

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Paper sculpture courses with Graham lester

We are delighted to offer two paper sculpture courses with Graham Lester later this year.  Graham exhibits his unique paper sculptures widely and is a regular exhibitor in Claydon Gallery.  You will have the opportunity to make 2 different items, a bunch of lilies and a charming strappy shoe, ideal as gifts for that special occasion. You will learn how to measure and cut accurately, and then fold precisely, creating a unique object.

Dates of Courses

Oct 18th     10am  - 4pm
Nov 1st       10am - 4pm

Cost of course 80
Please contact the gallery for further details